I wrote a plugin for editor.js to support footnotes.

I’m working on a tool to serialize JSON to a folder hierarchy.

I wrote a CLI tool to print the covid-era date.

I wrote a command-line utility to create a virtual TODO file by concatenating directory-level TODO files.

When using the official Mongo Docker image, I ran into a problem that had me scratching my head for a while.

I wrote a Python library for building files in the Metalink XML format.

I wrote a tool for making local copies of ArchivesSpace repositories.

For my work as a data editor I often have to download all of the files linked from a particular web page. That’s why I made downlink, a command-line utility and a Python library.

Your Linksys Smart Wi-Fi will tell anyone who asks whether the default password has been changed. Yeah.

An inexact clone of GNU shuf. Free, implemented in Python.

I’m building a set of chart-making tools that don’t get between you and D3.

My code blog has a new style.

I made a script to split a giant topojson file into a ton of smaller ones.

I wrote a js library for transforming tabular data in javascript, and generating editable HTML tables.

Some csv cleanup scripts grew into a little utility named kilgore.

I wrote some Python functions to help download every file linked to on a web page.

I wrote an API keychain to use multiple keys on the same API, getting around daily max-call rate limits.

I wrote some code to fetch airport status from the FAA’s airport status API.

I did some idle poking around in the PNG file format, and found something weird.

$ docker run -p 8080:80 jkara/occupation:latest

I wrote a royal flush simulator in OCaml just to not forget the language.

Ghostery blocks assets from crazy AWS beanstalk endpoints.

I experimented in brute-forcing URL shortening services.

I made a thing to compare foliage in two locations over four years.

I wrote some code to get the latest Connecticut bear sightings.