Tufte-inspired code blog style

My code blog has a new style.

The old style

I’m very proud of the old style, which I made to look exactly like my Terminal window when I’m using emacs, but it’s not what I’m feeling right now. It was exactly what I was feeling last year.

The command line has always been magic to me, the heart and soul of a computer. The GUI just gets in the way. I’ve always loved the idea that if I knew how to talk to it, the computer would do exactly what I asked of it.

This is a feeling that companies like Google, Amazon and Apple are all trying to bring to users through voice-based assistants: Give me a command and I’ll execute it. Unfortunately voice assistants are far from perfect, but the command line has always been perfect, as long as you’re willing to learn the language.

The new style

Maybe because I’m getting older, I’m all about readability. I look back at my older posts, and the harsh light-on-dark, monospace design doesn’t showcase my words. It’s too challenging for me, so I doubt anyone else would bother to get past it.

I’ve borrowed excellent ET-Book (ET for Edward Tufte) font, available on Tufte’s github site.